Relevance of Traditional Wedding Cards in this Digital Age

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A Wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. It is a day when two souls connect, make wedding vows to stay together and dream of eternal bliss. Couples invite their family & friends, near & dear ones to cherish these special moments and make them extra special.

Wedding invitations give a glimpse of how the most important day in your lives will unfold. It kind of gives a hint of your wedding theme, style and ambience to your guests and sets up the tempo for your wedding. Now the big question is how do you plan to invite your guests to your wedding?

In today’s digital age, couples are using technology like Facebook, WhatsApp and other online means to invite people to their weddings. Even though digital/online invites have their own advantages, nothing can beat the way of inviting your loved ones through traditional wedding cards for your D-day.

Why prefer traditional wedding cards over digital invitations?

A Wedding is such an important event that you would want to invite all your friends and relatives. It is not necessary that all the people you want to invite will have an email id or a Facebook account. Traditional wedding cards are the best option to invite your guests as everybody has an address.

The beauty of Indian weddings lies in its unique traditions and rituals. Inviting guests for a wedding holds a lot of significance in India. Either the couple or the couple’s parents visit the people and invite them personally.

People in India get offended if they are not invited personally and may even choose to skip the wedding. Inviting your guests personally shows that you have put in the efforts and sincerely hope to have their presence at your wedding.

Instead of inviting the guests over Skype or any other digital means, using physical wedding cards to invite symbolically refers to requesting your guests to be physically present at the wedding.

Digital/online invites appear too formal and lack the personal touch when compared to the traditional wedding cards. Since traditional wedding cards have a physical appearance, you can easily showcase your wedding cards or frame it to make your wedding memorable.

Also, the digital invitations are easily forgotten as it is one of the many notifications a person may receive.

Traditional wedding cards give a unique look and approach to your wedding and is a classic way of inviting the guests to your wedding.

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