The Ultimate Wedding Card Checklist

Wedding Card Checklist

Are you looking for an impressive wedding invitation that will get your guests excited to be a part of your wedding celebrations? But finding your ideal wedding invite is a very tiresome process. You should consider a lot of factors such as color, style, wordings and other small & big details while choosing one. Hence we have come up with an ultimate wedding card checklist to help you in finding the perfect wedding invitation.

Here are a few things you should consider when shopping and preparing your wedding invitation:

  1. Decide on the wedding style first so that it becomes easier to select a wedding invitation that suits your wedding style.
  2. If you are trying to color coordinate the wedding invitation to your wedding theme, make sure you pick wedding invites in the same hues.
  3. Decide on what other inserts should go along with the actual invite.
  4. It’s best to order the wedding cards at least 4 or 5 months before the wedding so that you have good enough time for preparing, printing and handing out the invites.
  5. Have the full wordings ready that is to be printed on the wedding card and the inserts.
  6. Make sure to get the wordings proofread by a friend or an expert to avoid any grammatical or punctuation errors.
  7. Check for mistakes in the spellings of names where usually most of the errors happen.
  8. Check whether correct dates and time of the wedding ceremonies are mentioned.
  9. Ensure there are no accidental double spaces between the wording on the wedding invitation.
  10. Decide on a proper stopping point where each line should break.
  11. Make sure you have mentioned the correct address to the venue and the directions to the venue are clear.
  12. Give the contact details of two persons at least who can guide the guests in case they are not able to find the venue or for any other queries.
  13. The format, fonts & colors should be consistent throughout the wedding invitation including the inserts.
  14. Make sure the wording isn’t too large or small by choosing the right type of font and font-size for good readability.
  15. If you are proof-reading by yourself, read it out loud which helps to identify the mistakes.
  16. Make a list of the guests you are planning to invite.
  17. Order for extra wedding cards in case you make any additions to the invitees’ list or if you make any mistakes while handwriting names of the invitees.
  18. If you are planning to send any invites via post, go to a post office and get the entire wedding invitation package weighed for proper postage. Check for cost in case of an oversized envelope.

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