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Today’s couples are going the extra mile to make their wedding a memorable affair to remember and cherish for a long time. They are leaving no stone unturned to WOW their guests. Now, you can start impressing the guests with your wedding invitations itself. Wedding cards set the tone and feel of your big day. So, why not jazz them up a bit with a technology makeover.

Wedding invitations can convey more and not just the details of the wedding such as date, time and location. They can be converted into a beautiful package that embodies the personalities of the wedding couple. Do you feel it’s difficult to find an invitation that looks cool, unique and is like a breath of fresh air? Not anymore, using Augmented Reality, you can make your wedding invitations special and completely unique.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a visual technology that helps to overlay digital content on top of the physical world. It brings printed images to life in the form of videos, audio, animations and 3D models when viewed through a smartphone. It helps to create engaging and immersive experiences that can impress the end user.

The Need for Augmented Reality Wedding Cards

Augmented Reality helps to add a new dimension and personal touch to the invitations. It allows you to be more creative and helps to deliver wedding details in an interactive way to your guests. You can even add the wedding venue to the Google Maps using Augmented Reality. This helps the guests to know where they are supposed to arrive.  

How can you Create Augmented Reality Wedding Cards?

First, you need to digitize the wedding card by uploading its image to the SMACAR Studio. Then add the digital content to that image and save. Digital content can comprise of photo gallery, videos of the wedding couple personally inviting the guests, Google maps highlighting the venue or some background music. Your guests can then scan the wedding card with SMACAR app and see the wedding card come to life.

If you are looking to create some buzz for your big day, then you should give Augmented Reality wedding cards a try.

Not looking for a wedding card, but an invitation to invite your guests for a family function or a birthday invite instead? No need to worry. You can digitize any printed invitation using Augmented Reality. Recently we teamed up with SMACAR Solutions to digitize a personal invitation and bring it to life using their innovative and unique Augmented Reality Products. Watch the video to know more.

Interactive Personal Invitations

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Adored for our elegant designs, dedication to quality and unique craftsmanship, Lakshmi Cottage Industry is the leading supplier of elegant wedding invitations for people looking for amazing creations. We have a unique variety of collections that allows you to announce your wedding in style. At Lakshmi Cottage Industry, we have created an exclusive range of wedding invitations as unique and special as you. You can find exquisite designs from traditional wedding invites to caricature wedding invites.

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